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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tomatoes sown

I finally 'got in the mood' to start this year's tomatoes.  I'm sprouting for myself, my Mom and one of my gardening friends.

What made the cut this year?

Rose Quartz Multiflora (friend)
Djena Lee Golden girl (freebie) (me)
Bradley (me)
Old Brooks (me)
Supersonic (mom + friend)
JetSonic (me)
Bush Goliath (mom)
Early Ssubakus (mom + friend)
Mtg. Lifter (Radiator Charlie) (mom)

I'm not going crazy trying new varieties this year, but instead going for good croppers.  The JetSonics make a nice slicer while the Bradley and Old Brooks are good for canning.  The Djena Lee is this year's Totally Tomatoes freebie and, what the heck, give 'em a try.  So nothing fancy in the garden this year.  I still have to get 3 roma plants.  I couldn't find any seeds.  I used to grow Burpee's SUPER ROMA and they were outstanding.  But I'm not going to buy one pack of seeds from them and have to pay shipping that totals more than the pack!  No, I'll probably succumb to picking up a generic 4-pack of plants from a nursery and be done with it.

I was going to stick to my resolution of no more than 12 plants this year, but with the great success I had saucing last year's harvest has given me pause.  I'll see how many plants I finally put in the garden and let you know.

So I put the tomato cells into the germinator, being very careful, shhhhhh, to not disturb it's current residents:

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  1. I finally got my tomatoes started too; I am about a week late.

    Too much to do and not enough energy to get them done!

  2. The winter was soooo long that I fear frost will come later this year. Starting mine any sooner would just result in lanky plants that couldn't go out very soon.

    Like you, though, lots to do, lots to do... What kinds do you grow?


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