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Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 - 1st hoopster up

Saturday was a VERY RARE seasonally warm (going to 60s) and sunny (!!!) spring day!  Where did THAT come from???

Doesn't matter.  I hit the ground running first thing in the morning.   I decided that of all the seedlings I had in the sunroom, the perennials could take cooler weather, wind, etc.  So I set up one of the 2 hoopsters.


Then I brought out the globe thistle, butterfly bush, nepeta, crazy daisy, lupine, columbine, English lavender and some Dame's rocket.  I also brought out some semi-hardy annuals (annual delphinium, California poppies), some spring greens (arugula), and some Yvonne's salvia that is getting tall.  

These plants need to harden off so while *I* appreciated the sunshine, these couldn't take any heavy UV exposure yet.  When I moved into this house there were a couple of large panels of sheers on the front window.  Me?  Sheers?  Nah...  First thing I did was cut them up for shade cloth.  *heh*


There.  The plants will enjoy protection from the wind (honestly, I might as well be in Oklahoma this year.  Winds blow all the time and into the 20-40 mph with higher gusts) and receive filtered sunshine.  Within a few days I'll expose them to raw early sunshine (if we ever get any, it's been clouded over and rainy since Sunday morning...).

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  1. We have had unceasing wind for days here in Oklahoma. It's beating everything to death. A few days ago we had a cold front move in and the burst of cold air, when it hit, almost knocked me down!

    I use sheers for shade cloth, too. I buy them at garage sales. I also use them to cover my zucchini when I see the yellow moth flitting around. But I have to really weight everything down or the wind just blows it away.

  2. Very clever for hardening off plants!

    I do believe I have some unused panels in a drawer (somewhere)

    They are all looking very good. I have just three Yvonne's salvias and they are twice the size of the regular salvias in the pots. I hope mine do well so I can save more seeds

    We aren't so windy now, but extremely cold. I haven't been out of the house for two days.

  3. Ilene, these sheers (probably 100% polyester) have outlasted several lengths of the spun row cover - and a lot less 'snaggy'. It's always fun to repurpose something unused. :-D

    Glenda - My Yvonne's are also 2-3 times bigger than the 'alba' I started this year. The 'coral nymph' I got from Ilene are 7" tall and already putting out buds. Guess they won't be very tall either. It's the Yvonne's that will get 25-35". I tried starting subrotunda (got over 6' last year) but none of the seeds sprouted. Oh well...

    It's been raining since Sunday. And cold, 39 this morning again. Over 1.5" in 18 hours so far. *glub* *glub* :-( I can't play outside at all!


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