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Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 2012 GUL update

Here's an update on what's happening down in the (shhhhh) secret plant lab!

Arugula (rocket)

Tuscan (black) kale

Chard (green)

Blue & Red kale (poor germination - oversown 2ce)
Not pictured is a recently sown flowerbox of red lettuce and another of early wonder beets (thanks, Glenda).

I pulled all of the over-wintered geraniums from the crawlspace, cleaned them up, discarded anything puny, hydrated the roots, and now allowing them to sprout (2 pots front/right)  In a couple of weeks I'll cut all the growing tips off and root them to make new plants, then compost the old plants.  I find that I get better plants if I root new ones instead of planting the old root balls.

The blooms are from the 4 plants that live in the sunroom during warm season.  This winter I just brought the pots down and left them under 1 single 12-hours fluorescent fixture and they've been blooming right through winter.  This way I always have 1 pot of each color (red, salmon, pink and violet) to start new plants from.

Here's a new fun project I'm trying this season.  GINGER

I was reading up on the subject and finally realized ginger was a rhizome.  (DOH!)  Fresh organic ginger is pricey!  Boo.  Fresh ginger can be PLANTED.  Yay.

Since they are a tropical crop, I bought a large rhizome, cut/peeled/froze half of it for cooking, then cut the rest into 3 segments.  All 3 could go in a large 12" pot, but I thought I start each of them in a smaller pot so they could go on to the little bottom-heat germinater to start.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. This is such a great place to have some warm in the winter.

  2. Larry - it sure is. A great place to jumpstart the spring gardens.

  3. I knew that was ginger! What an interesting project....I will be following this one.

    The green stuff makes me envious. Why don't I get started....lazy that's why!

  4. Glenda - anyone who knows you would NEVER dare say you are lazy! *heh*

  5. Good luck with the ginger, I'll be interested to see how you get on.

    I need to make a start on sewing salad crops but the greenhouse has been used as a storage area all winter and it's a MESS. Must focus on getting it cleared up.

  6. Bilbo - There are lots of vids on youtube about growing them so thought I'd give it a try. I'll keep you posted.

    There's nothing like fresh greens. I've just harvested a handful of tender arugula yesterday. Oh, it was sooo good.


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