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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb 2012 WS update

Well, winter is speeding by (and it's been warm enough for Old Man Winter to do most of it in his speedos!) Ha!  So thought I'd better get my WS containers sowed and put outside.

Here is a pic of my 2009 WS container crowd.  Lots of stuff here and many of these plants still grace the gardens.

But I don't need quite that many plants these days so this year am only sowing a few things (most for the marginal back by the golf course) to plant in front of the new snow fence.

Kinda anticlimactic, no?  *heh*

Each container has 6 partitions.  What's sown?
Sweet Joe Pye
Dark Joe Pye
Yellow coreopsis
Yellow yarrow
Common foxglove
Lavender hyssop
Lavender penstemon
White penstemon
Blue Bedder salvia
Queen of the Prairie

Now we just wait and see.


I know I've sworn off these things, but I've decided to give carrots ONE. LAST. TRY.  To make it a little more entertaining, I made up some planting sheets while watching some TV this afternoon. (P.S. I've never made these before, so it's an experiment.  Hope the paste DOES dissolve in the ground as it's meant to.)

I ended up making 4 napkin sheets.  Each has 54 seed spots (of 2 seeds each).  That is 108 seeds per sheet x 4 sheets - 432 seeds.  And I've still got half a pack of seeds left.  When dry, I rolled them loosely and put them in a seed drawer for warmer weather.

The variety is Scarlet Nantes.  Nice thing about 12" square sheets, I can pop them here and there in the garden or even a 5-gallon pail.  If I DON'T get any decent carrots this year, then, really for sure this time, I WILL give up on them.  *sigh* Fingers crossed X.

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  1. I, too, want to try carrots this year. Please, a little more information on your planting sheets? I understand why, but how (is the 'sticky stuff' just flour and water dabbed in a regular pattern)? Then how do you plant them when the time comes?

  2. Hello. Yes, the sticky stuff is just a paste of flour and water. I get some paste on a toothpick tip, then pick up 2 seeds (in case one doesn't germinate) from the dish, then dab the glob onto the paper napkin. The paste is supposed to dissolve when planted. I've never used seed sheets before, but have read how other people do it and I know similar strips are sold commercially. I'll post more about it when the ground is nice and warm and I plant. Hey, thanks for visiting. Stop by again, maybe leave a name next time? :-D

  3. Thanks so much. I think I may try this with leeks and fennel too. I live about 25 miles to the northeast of you and it's interesting to compare our weather/planting similarities and differences. Thanks for all the great information and ideas on your site.

  4. You're welcome. Glad you're finding some useful info.

  5. Kris, I have never had much luck with carrots either but do plan to try them this year. I guess we can call 2012 "the Year of the Carrot".

    I will just plant mine in the regular way, seed mixed with sand and sprinkled on the soil.


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