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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greens update - late Feb

The 4 bins of greens in the basement are doing fine.  I've been harvesting the occasional leaf of sweet chard and a more generous bounty of peppery arugula for sandwiches.

The Early Wonder beets are starting to show true leaves while the black and blue kales are filling out.

It's still too early to start any warm weather vegs like peppers or tomatoes and I won't be taking cuttings from the geraniums until early next month, so things are rather quiet right now.  (You might have noticed that I have not started any onions from seed this year.  It's just too difficult to locate onion seeds for long-day onions anymore.  So this year Mom and I are splitting an order from Dixondale Onions.  More on that later.)   

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