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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Potting up kale

The kales were doing so well that roots were already sprouting from the bottom of their cells.  Since I didn't want to stunt their rapid growth I thought I'd better get them into 16oz cups today.

Last year I grew 3 kinds of kale: white fringed, dwarf blue curly, and redbor.   This year I'll stick with the dwarf blue curly and am trying black (Tuscan) kale.

Already I like the black kale (right in both pics) very much.  All 8 seeds sprouted the same day and they are progressing at the same rate.  I had seen a lot of pics of Tuscan kale on the web and liked the tidy habit and long, bubbly dark leaves.

While I've got 8 black and 5 blue kale plants, don't think I'm growing them all myself.  No.  I'm on a MISSION to get more people to enjoy kale.  So at least half of these are earmarked for gifts to other gardeners.  While the dwarf blue curly takes up more space and has a tendency to lean, the black looks neat and when you eat the leaves from the bottom up they get to look like little palm trees.

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