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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Galloping greens

Look at the difference a week outside has made on the greens bins!  Wow!!

And this tray of sprouts should, traditionally, still be cosseted in the basement under grow lights, but it's been so freaking warm that they are outside and thriving!  And not just cool crops or sturdy herbs, there's 2 packs of sweet peppers here...

The BIGGEST surprise is this -- there are SPROUTS in a couple of the Wintersown containers!  No.  Really.

I planted 2 sections of saved seeds from Sweet Joe Pye.  Both are sprouting.  Also (both from saved seeds) a section of Blue Bedder salvia & some lavender penstemon each have a couple of sprouts. This is at least 3 week ahead last year's 1st sprouts.

And as for the sweet potato vines, look at how much root they've developed and how big the sprouts are getting.  Looking good, no?

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