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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heated hoopster

The nice weather is sputtering to a halt, if only for a while.  But I'm too tired to start hauling my greens bins back and forth from the hoopster to the sunroom and back until we get past the couple of freezing nights forecast for this week.

So I had a brainstorm.  While I do have a couple of mattress pads I can always toss over the hoopster on cold nights, I also remembered that I'd bought an 18' rope light a couple of years ago when I thought I was going to build a 2nd heat tray to use in the (shhh) secret plant lab.

So I wound the rope around and between the greens bins.  The rope uses only 54 watts, but, under wraps like this, they give off enough heat to stave off dips even to the low 20s.

Here it is, all set for tonight's mid-30s (which usually means low-30s for my area).

For something made to be warm, it sure looks pretty cool! :-D

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