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Monday, March 5, 2012

March update - GUL

The greens are still going great guns under the fluorescent lights.  The geraniums are blooming like crazy and I've have little bouquets upstairs.  I'm going to start cutting the tips of the plants and root them in pots so I can have as many geraniums as I want in the gardens and still have some for gifts.

I told you in my last post that I'd sown my sweet bell pepper seeds and put them in the little germinator.  Yesterday I added to that inventory:  1 cell pack each of sage, Italian parsley, German chamomile, Paris cos (romaine) and black seeded Simpson lettuce.

The ginger pots that used to be in there have been moved to the bump-out shelf on the furnace where it's always warm and makes a great bottom heat source for a few pots.  Meanwhile, upstairs on the kitchen counter, the sweet potato has sprouted more roots and the vines are developing noticeable leaves.

Yup, while there is nearly 8 INCHES OF SNOW outside this morning (and still coming down), Spring still holds sway in the plant lab. :-D

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  1. How have I managed to miss all these posts (think it is 'cos you have so many blogs, not very good at keeping track of them all, sorry :{ )

    Everything is looking fantastic and like you, I am going to be sowing later this year than usual.

  2. Things are really looking good! I envy you your touch with the geraniums. In all my gardening life I have never successfully grown a geranium through one season, let along carrying them over.

  3. Best part of the morning is getting my first cup of coffee and going downstairs to see how all the plants are doing. -D


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