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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Poking gingerly

Oh, looky looky!  See what I found in the one of the 3 ginger pots this morning?

The first sprout!

I planted the 3 pieces of rhizome only 24 days ago and the pots have been warming on the little germinator (15W bulb under the tray) since then.

How very cool. :-D  I'll be watching these a lot closer now.
The ginger pots now have company on the germinater.  Today I seeded my SWEET peppers: Ruby Belle (red), Big Dipper (red), an orange bell (seeds saved from a supermarket fruit) and a yellow bell (also seeds saved from a supermarket fruit).

I found over the years that the sweet peppers take longer to germinate and grow.  Hot peppers, on the other hand, pop up quickly and put on growth right away.

Last year when I planted out my hot wax, hot lemon and anaheims, not only were they already in flower, but a lot of them had little peppers on them!  So I'm not even going to sow them until the middle of March this year.

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