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Monday, April 30, 2012

Annual migration

It's been a year to the day (I checked last year's post) The GUL plants are out of the basement and up into the sunroom.

Actually, I had them out on the deck today, but they are forecasting storms for tonight.  I see a lot of red, yellow and orange on the radar, so I brought everything inside for tonight.

You can see that last year the plants were more advanced, and there were more OF them.  That's because this year's wacky warm March kept me from keeping to schedule in the basement.

I mean, look at the seedlings.  These marigolds, zins, coleus, and other annuals are so teensy weensy at this time.  My bad.

Even the tomatoes didn't cooperate - slow germination (some of them didn't even germinate!). :-(  Still, it's not like we won't have lots of plants, just fewer of certain varieties than we'd hoped for.

Hot peppers never germinated, so no hot wax or anaheims this year (unless I weaken and actually BUY plants).

On the flip side, I have a TON of starts from last year's geraniums.

Every year is different.  You make plans, you write lists, you buy seeds.  Most of the time, things come together.  But some things never do.  Ah well, we'll play this hand this season and see how we do when the final chips are counted.  And, lest we forget, there's always NEXT year. :-D

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