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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1 is tomato day

April 1st is traditionally the day I put tomato seeds into potting mix.  This year is no different.  The thing that IS different is that I've reduced the variety of seeds by about half and I've become extremely casual in sowing the seeds.

This year Mom and I are sticking with roma, bush goliath, jetsonic, djena lee, pink brandywine and Bradley.

And instead of lots of cells of each type, I just heavily sowed single cells of each and will merely transplant the sprouts to 16oz cups later on.

Meanwhile the sprouts that enjoyed so much fresh air and sunshine those unnaturally warm 2-week spell in mid-March are now back in the basement under lights.

Also, here's an update on the kitchen sprouts, so-called because I'm just taking grocery food and growing it out.

Of the 3 ginger rhizomes I planted, 2 sprouted and the 3rd just rotted away.  (back)

The sweet potato tip is still sending out roots and the vines are getting bigger all the time.

New to this group is the bottom of a stalk of celery.  I saw on another blog that the center will sprout up with fresh stalks and roots will grow from the bottom.  Then you can put it in the garden and get a whole new crop.  Good stuff.

Still wish I could plant greenbacks and get this kind of return. ;-D

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  1. Like you, I cut way back on tomato varieties this year.

    Do you ever just stick the sweet potato sprouts you break off into a jar of water? That's what I do.

    The only thing about growing you own plants without a greenhouse is the dreaded back and forth inside and out!

  2. I think I've gotten past the 'hype' of tomatoes and other certain vegs. In the end most all taste the same and perform alike. I'm going for easy and heirloom (open pollinated - seeds I can save) now. Way cheaper in the long run. Yeah, I hate the back and forth. But I also hate having to bundle up the hoopster every night now that seasonal (frosty nights) have returned.


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