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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Catching up

Finally!  I spent some quality time down in the basement yesterday and put more seeds into cells. On the heat tray right now: zinnias (4 kinds), coleus (mixed), marigold (bolero), dame's rocket, salvia (subrotunda, coral nymph), foxglove, lavender, anise agastache, roselle, white asters, tickseed, and tomatoes (Djena Lee & San Marzano).
While down there I potted up the sweet peppers (yellow, orange & red) into 16 oz cups.

In the forefront are sprouts of sage, chamomile, tomatoes (brandywine, roma, jetsonic, bush goliath, and Bradley), a mixed bag of hyssops and a great germination of last year's Yvonne's salvia.

Then I took 4 cups of flat leaf parsley outside since they were doing so well.   It's difficult to not BE outside during these warm spells, so the poor basement seeds/plants are getting short shrift.  My bad.

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