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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Potting up Sweet Joe Pye

Although the WS seeds didn't do at all well this year, at least I got the one plant that I wanted most of all:  Sweet Joe Pye.

The 2 cells were crowded with tons of plants, so it was time to pot them up.  Talk about simple.  Since the plastic dividers just lift out, it was easy to remove to solid rooted blocks of plants.

Then using my trust garden steak knife, I just sliced up the root block into brownie-sized plugs.

Into the 16oz cups they go and before you can say Bobs-your-uncle, I've got 18 cups of Sweet Joe Pye (each with at least 8-12 individual plants).

Lest you have forgotten why I want these plants, here are pics from last year.  As you can see the one by the shed easily topped out at 7 feet, while the ones shaded by the pine trees were a bit shorter.

I plan on filling the entire length along the golf course (under the pines) with the Joe Pye to give me more privacy and lots more of these wonderful bee-favorite blooms.

Other news, the celery stub not only has lots of dark green top growth, but it has sprouted some nice roots.  I'm going to grow this stub in a pot this summer up on the deck so it will never want for water. 

And, finally, I've sorted out all the tomato sprouts.  In a week or two I'll pot them up into 16oz cups.

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