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Saturday, April 14, 2012

WS & kitchen sprout update

Seeds in the WS containers did not do well at all this year.  The only thing that sprouted with any vigor are the 2 cells of Sweet Joe Pye.  Thankfully, though, those were the plants I was really really wanting this year.  (They grow up to 6' tall, are perennial and bloom profusely with pale, rose-colored umbels).  I'm going to plant them thickly in front of the golf course fence.

There are a couple of Blue Bedder salvia sprouts along with some lavender penstemon, but that's about it.  Bummer.

The kitchen sprouts are doing okay:  the 2 ginger plants really need to be combined.  They look kinda skinny at this point.  In the 2 egg cups are stem ends in water: celery and romaine lettuce.  These were just for fun.  The sweet potato sprouts are doing pretty good.
The first batch of geranium cuttings have taken root and have been moved up to the sunroom.  These are salmon and violet and are healthy as horses.

As for the GUL sprouts, I'm having only spotty success this year. 

Hot wax seeds (from last year's pack) never sprouted.  I got a full flush of Yvonne's salvias, though, from seeds I saved from last year's plants.  The whole lot is not even impressive enough to warrant a pic in this post.

Maybe later.

Actually, what with the odd weather pattern this year, I'm outside way more than in this Spring.  Such a Topsy-turvey  Spring.  I just don't seem to find time to work in the basement plant lab.  I'm sure this will bite me later when I reach for plants that I never got around to germinate.  *sigh*

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  1. I am so impressed with your geraniums. I have tried to grow them several times and they just don't do well for me. I must be doing something wrong. Even my MIL carries hers over in the garage each year.

  2. Why do you think your winter sown seeds didn't do well? What seeds did you winter sow? When did you start the seeds?

    1. Tammy, click on the "WS 2012" label and all post for that year will sort out. Why they didn't germinate? Beats me. It's always a crapshoot.


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