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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Deck delight

This is the last post for the Propagation Page for this year.  The basement has been dark for a couple of weeks and everything on deck is growing fast.  

In the flower department the trays of 3 kinds of zins (cut & come again, Lilliput, Thumbelina) are going gangbusters while the marigolds from saved seeds are doing just okay.  Probably only 40 sprouts in that tray.  Meanwhile the other saved seeds (salvia subrotunda and splendens (Yvonnes)) are thriving.  There's also coleus, lavender, penstemon, and 4 little mixed hyssop sprouts as well as maybe 18 sunflower sprouts and a dozen or so blue bedder (perennial) salvia.  I've also got 15 luscious cups of Sweet Joe Pye.  And then there are tons of cups of geranium cuttings and last years plants in pots - most in glorious bloom - really brightening up the deck. 

As for herbs - there is sage, German chamomile and flat leaf parsley itching to get planted out. 

In the veg aisles (heh) there are peppers and tomatoes.  The supermarket orange peppers got their first blossoms yesterday so tomatoes shouldn't be too far behind. Since it's the middle of May, I'm going to put vine veg seeds into cups now: Waltham butternuts & crookneck squash and cukes (sweet success and some bush varieties for Mom).

And, finally, the deck is sporting a nice collection of 3-quart shrubs: burning bush, golden vicary, Chicago lustre & Autumn jaz viburnums.  

Just off the deck (hey, there's only so much room here) there's a Black Knight butterfly bush and a forsythia.  The Miss Kim lilac got planted out the day it was purchased. 

As for other off-the-deck - the greens bins (romaine lettuce, early wonder beets, swiss chard and arugula are full and being grazed most every day.  The kales in cups are getting a little root bound, though and should be planted or given away soon.  

The kitchen sprouts are doing fine: celery stub, ginger & sweet potato. 

So, there you go.  All caught up.  And that's the season for this page.  Come back in January when we start this all over again.

===================== Later that same day =============

What the heck is this?  Temps have dropped from 73 to 55 and still falling.  Just checked AccuWeather:

Oh holy crap!   My babies!  My babies.   The wind is from the East - the nastiest quarter because the deck offers no protection from it.  Instead it funnels wind and cold from that direction.  And usually here at the gardens the temp is 5 degrees colder than they forecast.  Oh, my babies!

There.  Who says I can't over-react with the best of them?  *whew*   Now the forecast for Thursday night is for mid-40s (meaning from 39-41 here).  Most likely I'll have to bring in the tenders again and cover the more hardy tomorrow.  But after that... warmer nights and (fingers crossed) no more of this 30s!

======= Thursday a.m. follow up ==========

7:00 a.m.   33F   Frost on the car windshield, out on the open lawns, the golf course and all the greens.  Patchy frost on some roofs.  Brrrr.  It's COLD outside. Sure glad I brought everything inside or covered things up. *whew*   Looks like dipping to 40 tonight so I"ll do the same dance again.

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  1. That's not over-reacting, it is prudent and bloody sensible! You've got some lovely looking plants there and you don't want to be loosing them at this stage.

    I would be doing the same thing, oh wait - I AM doing the same thing (only my plants are still tiny seedlings in the greenhouse and tonight they are under that thin horticultural fleece stuff)

    Our forecast for tonight is also 40 degrees, damn chilly for the time of year :{

    1. I was soooo hoping that we were not going to get a frost this year what with the early warmth in March then all the freezes in April. But alas, no. Looks like 2 cold nights now, then warm nights to come? Oh I hope so. These plants are getting heavy! I hope your babies are safe and snug under their fleece. I have to be so careful now and not let down my guard. I can lose MONTHS of work and resources by thinking "ah, stuff will be okay, don't sweat it" and them WHAMMO. Frostbite. Think warm and sunny. I hope your temps go up and things dry out for you soon. Although a bit of rest wouldn't hurt, now would it?? *heh*

  2. PS - sorry if I am being dumb or I missed this but what's the black stuff hanging up behind your (my!) green trolley. Is is an extension to the privacy fence until more wood gets put up?

    1. Yes, you are correct. The black landscape fabric 'drapery' hides the mess over at the neighbor's. Hopefully (soon) I'll have the scratch to give Craig the go-ahead to start digging for posts. I hope this extension won't take the 4 years (2009-2012) the original fence took. Even now there are 4 segments of the back of it to be sealed/stained. Legs don't fail me now. ;-D

  3. I hope the cold doesn't hurt them! They just look dynamite.....think of the money you have saved by doing your own. I saw a single petunia in a small pot at Wal Mart for $1.68......unbelievable. I didn't do any flowers from seeds this year and sure wish I had, at least vinca....oh well, there is always next year.

    1. Thanks, Glenda. Yeah, they have been some work, but the $ saved is big. It's 7:00 a.m. Thursday and yes, we had a little frost. There is frost on the car windshield and out on the open lawns (and golf course greens) there is frost. Glad I hustled the plants inside and covered the rest.

      There is always next year - yep.


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