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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sheer genius

I had a lot trays on the deck, most new to the harsh rays of UV.  Usually I would stuff them into a little hoopster and cover with old window sheers.  But I wondered if I could just stretch a sheer from the arbor to the deck rail to filter the hot morning sun from shocking the new plants.

Well, gee, that worked.  And when it got cloudy, I just swagged back the sheer.  Hmmm.  Looks - odd.  So I added the 2nd hoopster sheer.  Ah - even.  As the sun climbed higher and found its way onto the deck from the side, I added some lightweight floating row cover on that side to block.  Ha!

As the sun climbed even higher, the deck got hotter and brighter (80s in May - good grief!!), I dug out the BIG piece of sheer that I used on the driveway hoop house and clamped that to the underside of the arbor.  That was fine until the sun angled through that last 4-foot gap.  Hmmm.

Digging deeper into my stash, I found a really long piece of floating row cover and clamped that up too.  I didn't know what I was going to do with the extra 6 feet of that piece, but lo and behold there was an old plant hanger on the brick wall under the edge of the arbor, so I just swagged that piece to it.

VOILA.  With absolutely no plan in mind, I'd just made the whole deck under the arbor into a walk-in hoop house!  I can move the plants around as much as I want.  Potting up seedling is a breeze - no longer need worry if there will be enough room for all.  And, while I do have some trays and bins out in the full sun, should frost come, everything can be brought up to the deck that night.

Now I know this may not work other years, especially we ever go back to 'seasonal' weather.  But for this year, with the early heat and sun, this is just the bee's knees!  (Or, better yet, the mother ship!)

And - it's fun to hang out there.  The view through the swagged sheers out onto the back gardens is surprisingly nice.  Crazy what you can do with bit of fabric - and a LOT of spring clamps. LOL  So there you go - yet one more example of my brand of MacGyver gardening.  :-D

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  1. Wonderful idea! I think you may enjoy sitting there more now too.

    1. Well, we'll see about sitting. *heh* Still, it does lend an air of country gentility to the joint. :-D


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