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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No fail kale

The salad bar in the basement is giving me plenty of succulent dark leafy greens these days: kale, chard & spicy arugula.

You'll remember that I over-planted the Tuscan kale so I would have lots of tender young leaves for salads and sandwiches.

I also wanted to make sure there would be enough kale plants to go around as I've promised plants to friends who've also found how delicious this variety is.

Today I pulled out the 10 largest plants from the window box and transplanted them into their own cups.

Then I did a bit of re-arranging of the smaller plants left in the window box.  Every one got a nice drink and both the transplants and the boxed kale probably won't miss a beat - they are such hardy (and forgiving) darlings.

Meanwhile the onion seeds are a mixed bag.  The Walla Walla (seeds purchased last month) have sprouted - sparsely.  The year-old white Spanish, however, are a no show.  I've learned that onion seeds just aren't viable after 1 season, so I'm not saving back year to year anymore.

I did buy some red flat Italian and white ringmaster seeds and put them to a pot today.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I don't want to have to resort to Dixondale again this year.  Last year's delivery where really sparse and spindly.  Hopefully I can get some better starts from seeds.

And I should make a better effort to find heirloom LONG DAY or Intermediate onion seeds.  Why do the stupid big box stores around here INSIST on selling all these freaking SHORT DAY seeds and plants.  We're in OHIO, for crying out loud.  We're in LONG DAY latitudes!   Why don't these idiots realize that, like people, all plants are NOT interchangeable for the job.

*sheesh*  *bang*  Oww.  Now where did that soap box come from - didn't even see it there.  ;-D

How are your seed starts coming along this year?  Having fun?

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  1. Hi, I' ve just found your blog, and it's great. The Kale and salad leaves are awesome! I will have to get sowing soon. I have a very small heat propagator and not much room. It is great though. I really like your blog :-)

    1. Thanks, Hannah. Sorry I missed your comment before. I'm enjoying lots of greens right. Haven't had to resort to the heat mat - yet. The greens do well in the 60F basement right now.


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