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Friday, March 15, 2013

Paddy's day, 2013

With my current health issues (and Mom issues), I'm really not into growing anything in the basement right now.  Coupled with the persistent deer ravaging the trees, shrubs and perennials in the gardens, I'm totally disheartened about the whole growing experience.

I do, however, still EAT and there's nothing like fresh greens in the kitchen.  So I've been enjoying the basement plantings of arugula, chard and kale.

And for some reason, I'm sprouting onion seeds.  I got perhaps a shoebox full of onions out of the whole garden last year (!!deer!! and drought).  I don't know why I'm bothering....  But I have Ringmaster (white), Walla Walla (amber), Cortland (yellow) and Italian flat (red) in the cartons. 

There is also a pot of sweet potato vines.  When I harvested the hill last summer, in spite of the deer I got a couple of pounds of tubers.

At that time I saved a root and potted it up and have grown it out over this winter.  Maybe I'll leave it as a house vine.  Maybe I'll plant it out.  We'll see.

Old habits die hard, I guess. 

As for the rest of the season, if I grow anything I'll most likely just buy plants. 

I've been hustling here for 10 years.  I've pretty much broken myself down and have rode hard and put away wet.

I need to rebuild, retool, rethink.

I may take this year off.

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