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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Seedling upate

In between doctor visits and general angsting over things, I HAVE been pottering around with some vegetable starts in the basement.

The onions I sprouted in February are thin, but growing, as well as the March sowing of yellow Cortlands.  Both containers are now up on the deck.

So are the lettuces - the teeny ones are fresh sprouts of a mixed blend and 2 of the other cell packs are romaine and the 3rd cell pack (middle) are black seeded Simpson (for Mom).

The basement batch of greens from February are going gangbusters - I'm eating chard and kale regularly.  

The peppers sown in early March are about ready to be potted up while the tomatoes sown the beginning of this month are just sprouting now.

The initial batch of arugula got old - and bloomed, so I took them out and have replanted the box with half arugula and more swiss chard.

Now that the weather is looking up and, when I'm motivated, I'll start sowing annuals and potting up the dahlia and canna roots.  But I'm not manic about things this year.  I get done what I get done.  I'm hoping for the best.

Dirt therapy is better than any drug or doctor, no?

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