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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bi-polar weather - Spring 2013

Early last week it was humid and in the 80s.  The last 2 nights (May 24/25) it's dipped into the 20s, freezing the bird bath each night.

There is another dip forecasted for tonight.  Good grief.  Then, this coming week, we're to hit near 90s. 

It makes for depressing gardening.  Add to that we've had not even an inch of rain this month.  The growing season is NOT the one we'd all been hoping for this year.

Thankfully I've not planted out my annual seedlings.  I bring them into the sunroom every night.

As for the planted veg in front of the privacy fence, it's row covers and crossed fingers for them.  (I don't have the wherewithall to deal with  working way back in the 'real' vegetable beds this year, so I'm settling for some peppers, tomatoes, kale and beans close up to the house where I can reach the plants with a hose and can net them (hopefully) against the deer.)

I lost so many perennials to drought this past winter and now this year doesn't bode well either.  Between this weather setback and my current health, I don't think I'll be very active outside this season.  Why, I've even hired someone to mow my lawns.  So sad....

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