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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Early exit

My last post showed my (FINALLY!) getting some annuals (some storebought seed, some saved) sown under lights in the basement.

That was April 29.

Today is May 7 and there are sprouts in every cell.  The alyssum was up in 2 days, then the zins.  The last to sprout were the 2-year-old mixed coleus seeds that popped up this morning.

Since this Spring continues to be mild, I decided to close down the basement, set up the 2nd tabletop hoopster and move all the seedlings outside.

Since I don't want them to sunburn, I set up a panel of curtain sheers to give them some protections.

Voila!   The heat tray only went for 9 days this year.  And boy, did it do the trick.

So there we go.  Only 7 'Propagation' posts this season and it's already at FINALE.

I like this.  Simple is better.

I didn't miss doing Winter Sowing at all this year.  It was fun for a few years, but now - I'll stick to inside stuff.


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  1. You put me to shame. My seed sowing is paltry to non-existent this year. Hope to do better this coming week.

    1. Sorry I didn't see your comment sooner, Jayne. Your visits don't leave footprints on my 'tracker' so didn't know you'd been here. Bet you've far outstripped my paltry efforts by now.... 80s a week ago, 20s the last 2 nights (5/24&25 with another to follow). Then near 90s this coming week. Weather is a b!tch sometimes. I'm afraid I've lost some stuff to the freezes.

    2. Hey sweetie, no worries. No idea how I manage 'stealth visits' :}

      I never did sow any more seeds and now I'm starting to think it's all a bit late for this year.


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