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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sowing 2013 flower seeds - finally!

It was HIGH TIME I got on the stick sowing flower seeds if I were to have any color in the gardens this year.

I usually sow them under lights (or WS) around April 1st.  But health issues interfered and I'd come to the conclusion I'd have to settle for the limited selections available at stores.

But I rallied this week, and had a go at it.  First I gathered up all the totally dried cuttings from last year's plants I wanted to propagate.  (I cut seed heads in Fall, then just pile them up to freeze/dry in the breezeway over winter.)

First I crunched up the dried seed heads, then shuffled them through this nice old sieve (I don't use it for cooking - it's aluminum).  A few good 'shake shake shakes' and I've got my seeds.

Last year I saved larkspur, agastaches, coral nymph salvia and some mixed short salvias.

These joined the seed packs waiting in the basement.  In the end I sowed:

3 sizes of zins (Cut & Come again), Lilliput and (my new fave) Thumbelina

2' tall red sunflower (should be showy if the deer don't eat them)

Chinese forget-me-nots (I really need to buy some brunnera)


sweet William

mixed coleus

marigold (saved seed)

mixed salvia

white agastache

coral nymph salvia

I saw that the larkspur has done a good job of re-seeding itself this year so I didn't need to.  I also decided to forgo sowing more blue fortune agastache.

So there, 192 cells (each with multiple seeds) on the home-made heat tray under the lights.

Now we wait and see.  Maybe I'll get lucky.  Maybe not.  At least I have to try...

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