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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 - first GUL sowing

Outside it's been nothing but cold and snow and rain and wind and ice since before Thanksgiving.

The past 3 days it's been down to -12F and days at ZERO.

Time to warm things up a bit with some seed sowing.

Last year I sowed my onion seeds really too late (I was sick) so the plants that eventually got set out into the veg bed were spindly.

By sowing seeds now, this year's onion starts should be robust enough to go out in April.  (*knock wood*)

I've got 3 long-day types: Cortland (yellow), Ringmaster (white) and Red Wing (red).

Also I need some greens.  I've been buying a lot from the grocery lately and I shouldn't have to since it's so darn easy to grown my own!

Here's some Swiss chard, Bull's Blood beets, spinach, arugula and black kale.

I used to grow greens in the long flower boxes, but what with my chronic back probs now, it behooves me to lighten my load.

Instead of the boxes, I'm going to make good use of the empty containers that the store-bought greens came in.

When punched with holes then filled with potting mix and hydrated, the containers only weight about 7# instead of the 14+# of a fully loaded flower box.  Boy, it sure will be easier to wrangle these smaller containers.

Right now I've got the them on the heat tray and lidded to keep in warmth and moisture.

Once they've sprouted they will be moved from the heat and continue under lights only.  The basement is around 63F so it's ideal for spring greens and onions.

I've not grown spinach in containers before so hope they do as well as the other greens.  Kale an spinach are things I eat a lot now (goitrogens) as I've learned my thyroid needs these things to keep it from going hyper. Isn't it great when you can grown your own tasty organic medicine?  Do YOU grown anything that you use for medicinal purposes?

2.5 days later:

You just can't beat arugula for near-instant plant gratification!

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  1. Great set up for growing greens. The one time I grew lettuce under the lights on the back porch, they were not impressive, limp and not a good green color. Do you fertilize?

    1. The consistent fluorescent lights and weak fish emulsion tea keep my plants crisp and green. Truthfully I like the inside greens better than when I do them outside. No bugs, birds, heat, cold or d^mn deer! And harvesting them is so easy.


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