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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lesson learned

I felt really good that I got greens sowed on Jan 8th.  After all, I had the containers ready early and I had all the seeds I needed right on hand.

After 3 days, though, only the arugula was up.  Then, in a couple days, a few chard were up.

And that was it.  Total.

Sure the seeds weren't brand new.  The arugula is from last Spring and the others maybe the spring before.   But usually 2-year old stuff (except onions) are good.

Not this year.

So I had to buy all new greens seeds: chard, spinach, red beet, kale and lettuce.

I sowed them Jan 20.

Within days stuff was popping: first kale, then beets, then spinach and chard.  I sowed lettuce on the 23rd and they were up on the 26th.

So, lesson learned.  Getting an early will now have to be held up each year until I can get fresh seed.  This is annoying because stores don't usually put out seeds until late Feb or early Mar.  By then I've lost weeks of fresh-grown greens for the kitchen. Luckily Hartville Hardware had a couple of seed racks so I only lost 2 weeks of growing this month.

As for the yellow, red & white onions purchased last April - not one single stupid expensive seed sprouted.

I'm not going to mess around with homegrown onions this year.  If I find a nice bunch of long-day onion plants I'll buy them.  Otherwise I'll just use store-bought this year.

Ah least I'm enjoying some peppery arugula in sandwiches already. :-D

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