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Saturday, February 22, 2014

More sprouts

 I sowed radish and tomatoes on 2/17.

Only 3 day later, all 18 of the radish seeds sprouted.  (I planted them 2" apart so no thinning necessary.  Lots of room for the root to develop.)  I was very happy that every seed sprouted.

And then, 2 days later, all of the 8 Red Robin pot tomatoes have sprouted.  Not a clinker in that batch of seeds either!

Red Robins are going to be small (only 12-18" tall, thus the 'pot tomato' description).

Experience shows that smaller toms grow fast and produce early, so by starting them now, we should be enjoying some fresh tomatoes in June. 

Fingers crossed.

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  1. You have so much more control over germination under lights......I will be interested in how the radishes do. I have had almost zero germination for a few years now.

    1. I never have luck with outdoor radishes - ever. If I get good tops, there are no fat roots. So this is the first time I'm trying in a container under the lights (after germinating on heat). I germinate things on heat, then once sprouted, I move them under lights (very close). Seems to work pretty good.


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