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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Potting up some perennials

While all the geraniums in the sunroom died due to the extreme cold and long duration thereof, all was not lost.

Last summer I seeded some cells with saved seed from a tall white agastache (some form as Blue Fortune and since I don't know it's name I just call it White Fortune).

I also seeded some sweet William.

Those seeds sprouted, but never got planted out.

I totally ignored them over winter, expecting them to succumb like the geraniums.

But even without a drop of water since November, the sweet Williams remained alive and evergreen.  Tough little guys.

So a week ago, when I cleaned out the sunroom, I brought the tray of green and stubble and slid them under a fluorescent light.  I watered them, even the dead sticks that were the agastache.

Within a day the agastache roots started generating sprouts!  Now that's some tough plant!

Today, while Vulcan's storm rages outside (winds to 40), I went and potted up the sweet Williams, gaining 12 pots.  (Check out how root-bound they were.  Had to CUT them into sections.)

I'll coax them along, get them strong, then take them outside, tenderly plant them, and .... most likely ... feed them to the deer.  *sigh*  But ya gotta try, no?

As for the agastache, I expect much better results.  The deer don't seem to eat agastache or lavender.  So I'll add the tall white to my tall and small and golden varieties.

One can only hope.

Right?  RIGHT?

My next magic trick - those 'sterile' "Cotton Candy" agastache seeds I saved last year.

As you saw in my last post, 1/4C of seeds gave me near a dozen sprouts!   Now, I don't know if they are going to grow true to the hybrid parent or not, but either way I'm hopeful the offspring will be pretty and (like the parent) be of no interest to the deer.

I've kept the sprouts pinched, but even so some were at least 8" tall.  And I've been pinching off flower buds to boot!  Now I've got 10 discreet pots and am hoping these do well.  Will keep you posted.

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