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Friday, March 28, 2014


It was a long time coming.  The seeds drawers were stuffed with unused, unwanted, out-dated, deer-fodder seeds and it was time for it all to go! 

Back in 2008 I was very 'into' winter sowing and was active in seed swaps and exchanges.

I had tons of seeds languishing in paper pouches, plastic sleeves, store-bought envelopes, paper cups, plastic jars, etc.

Time for a thorough sort out.

I was ruthless.

If the deer ate it - it was out.

If the date was older than 2011 - it was out.

If I just didn't like it - it was out.

When I get in this mood, nothing is sacred.

In the end I'm down to one drawer of flower seeds and one drawer of vegetables.

All those new 'must try' 'must have' veggies - out.  I'm back to my old reliable favorites.  No more getting sucked into all the new hybrids.


I feel tons lighter.

Now I'm not going to just dump all these seeds into my compost pile.  Good lord I'd probably unleash a tide of invasives and what not.  Nope, this stuff is going into the trash.

Well, after that, a bit of tidy up and the basement grow tables are looking pretty good.

How long do YOU save your seeds?  Or do they just ... multiply.

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