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Saturday, March 15, 2014

What a rip!

When I admired Sue's success with the new Zahara zinnias that I just knew I had to have some.

I was fortunate that I didn't have to buy online - I always hate it when the shipping costs more than the actual purchase.

So I found a Burpee kiosk at Home Depot and, while pricey per pack, I really want to grow these little beauties (dwarf plants, full size blossoms).    When I picked them up the only ID on the packet indicating what was inside was a useless weight.  Still, zins seeds don't weigh much so I figured 36mg might be a couple dozen seeds at least.

But NO!  Would you pay $2.50/pack if you knew there were only 12 freaking seeds inside?  And, given the failure rate of sprouts, I'm sure you'd not end up for 12 plants in the end.  #*(@#*$  Why don't they just TELL you on the pack you are only getting 12 seeds!  Imagine if one of the seeds were bigger and that 36mg only gave you 11.  Or 10!    Just SAY so on the pack and let US decide if we want to spend over $.20 per seed!   These things better be viable as all get out!


Moving on - last year I grew my usual Big Dipper bell peppers.  One plant was very vigorous and I got perfectly shaped, thick-walled sweet peppers from it.  I made a point of saving seeds from these beauties.  Big Dippers are not hybrid so seeds should be true to the parent.

I saved several dozen.  (I have diabetic friends and they give me their empty test-strip containers.  They are excellent for a couple of tablespoons of seeds - no light, air-tight, handy to store.)

I sowed the seeds 8 days ago and crossed my fingers.  Two days ago they started popping and within 30 hours, all 13 seeds sprouted.  (For bottom heat source I used the warm shelf on the furnace and for light a clip-on lamp with a 60w fluorescent bulb.)

Don't they just look great?

Now what I can't find this year are hot Hungarian was pepper seeds.  Going hunting today.

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  1. They are beautiful. I love the bigger seeds that you can actually space. You should see my little container of thyme! I will be doing the clump planting with them.

    1. Yeah. I started 'mass sowing' stuff like tomatoes and peppers and then transplant to cups. Saves me dinking around with all those individual cells, etc.


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