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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cutting update

Well, it's been 6-7 days since I put some cuttings into the root germinators.

I opened them today to check progress.

All was not good.

The cuttings in the ACIDIFIED rock wool (2nd pic) were not doing well.  The rock wool itself was getting all hairy with fungus and getting green stuff on it. All of the spirea cuts were coated with it (3rd pic). 

The cuttings in the Fish Emulsion rock wool (1st pic) were a bit better, although there, too, all the spirea were webbed with fungus.  The wool itself looked okay.

One thing, the willow cuttings in the acid tray had started growing roots (4th pic) - above the rock wool, not below where the rooting hormone was.  Go figure.

I removed all the spirea and left the lids off both batches to air out (even though there was no accumulated water in the tray.

In spite of the instructions, I don't think stuff that is on a heat mat should be closed off from at least SOME fresh air.   Oh well, this is an ongoing experiment.  And I'm going to crack the code sooner or later.

Meanwhile, a couple of nice surprises in the tomato cells.

In 2008 an online friend sent me Rose Quartz seeds.  I grew them in 2008 and in 2009.  In 2009 I dried some of the small tomatoes then filled a glass jar and put them in the freezer, expecting to use them for something.  I never did.

But what I HAVE done since then is every year I take out one of the dried tomatoes, flush out the seeds, and sow them.  And every year I get sprouts.   This year I found the original plastic sleeve I got from my friend in 2008 and there were a few seeds still in there.  I sowed my frozen ones as well as the original ones.

The originals (back) never sprouted.  But my 2009 frozen ones (front) have come up champs again!

And another bonus.  While I was purging my seed collection I found the envelope another friend sent me in 2009 originally with her uncle's (Bob Estler) Mortgage Lifter seeds.  I was about to toss the envelope.  But darn if there weren't 2 seeds stuck in the seam.  I sowed these, but after 2 weeks, nada.  I wrote them off.

Today (2 days later) there was one of the Bob Estler's all sprouted.  YAY!  I haven't had any of these luscious beefsteaks since 2010.  Hope this little guy takes hold.

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  1. Pic three looks like botrytis to me, which is consistent with enclosed damp conditions.

    Have you seen these 'Soil Blockers' .... apparently slowly gaining popularity, particularly with eco-conscious gardeners who want to cut down on use of plastic.


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