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Saturday, May 10, 2014

No more curfew

As of May 7th, all the sprouts are out on the deck 24/7 due to the whiplash weather that catapulted us from a frozen birdbath on Monday, to nights in the 60s right now. 

What a blessing not to have to schlep these guys in and out of the sunroom right now!  I don't have to watch the clock in the evenings. 

The pot tomatoes are looking a little better, although they do not measure up to my memory of a type called Patio Pik from a long time ago.  I doubt I'll do these again unless they get their act together.

The pots of 'normal' tomatoes, bell & hot peppers are doing okay.  So are the 4 doz Zahara zins sprouts.

That pack of dwarf French marigolds eventually gave me 7 doz starts.  Great news for summer blooms - the deer don't seem to like them (nor zins).  On the down side, marigolds don't seem to interest the bees very much.

Meanwhile the rest of the greens, sprouts, etc. are very convenient on the deck. 

And watering is a breeze since I went ahead and set up the water barrels much earlier this year.  Who knew I'd be needing them so soon?

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  1. I wonder if the next few cool nights(if you get them too) will harm the tomatoes and peppers? I had plans to plant into the garden but may hold up a few days. Supposed to get down to 40° here.

    1. We're do for a couple cold nights later this week - our traditional 'final frost' date. I'll just schlep these plants into the sunroom for overnights. I never plant anything out until late May around here.

  2. I forgot to mention all I could think of was how many plants you will have to plant now! My knees are giving me fits again and I dread just planting my one flat of things.

    1. I do a little at a time .... it's all we can do.

  3. Lucky you, I'm still moving trays in and out of the greenhouse each day. Our last frost date is "June" although it has been mild this year ..... still not taking any chances.


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