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Monday, November 10, 2014

Saving salvia & geraniums: Fall 2014

In spite of my decision to NOT bring in ANY of the outside plants inside, that I would NOT shlep heavy pots down to the basement, that I would just TAKE IT EASY for once, I have been ... bad.

Well, not bad per se, but just so set in my ways?  Obstinate? OCD?  or just CAN'T LET GO??

I brought in all 4 black & blue salvias and 3 geraniums (2 deep red, 1 salmon).  Just 7 pots.  What can it hurt?  LOL

The REAL reason is rooted in - rooting hormones.  Yeah, yeah, I've tried this before and failed.  But this time I've gotten a better (hopefully) product.  One that is strong enough to do hardwood cutting or, diluted, will do softwood or, diluted further, stem cuttings (like salvia & geraniums).  The people at the nursery said that this is the stuff that, um, alternative growers (read pot) use. 

So I'm going to let these plants sprout up from the roots, clip them and see if I can root them into new plants.  The bees and hummers just LOVED the salvia on the deck bench and I'm definitely going to grow them again next season.  So why not have something new to play in the basement over winter?  I'd hate to get bored.  *heh*

And look, someone has already lined up some containers under those lights too.  Hmmm.  Bet she's going to start some greens for winter eating: chard, beet, arugula, kale.  Yep.  not even done with the outside chores this Fall and  I'm already tee'ing up basement goodies.

Can you tell I'm feeling much better these days?  LOL

How about you.  Still too early to plan for next spring?  Or are you crazy like me?  ;-D

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  1. I did the same thing....dragged in the pots and struggled to the basement with them, although a few made it into the living room for now as I just pooped out and decided that they could go downstairs 'later'.
    Dug the dahlias and some four o'clock tubers (experiment) and got them tucked away wrapped loosely in newspaper and in a cardboard box. I also tried different methods of saving my geraniums. some in pots in the sunroom, and I rooted the stems that I had trimmed off. I also dug some and just wrapped them loosely in newspaper and stored them in a cardboard box also. We will see what survives and what doesn't.
    The pots that I bring in go downstairs in the bathroom shower and stay in the dark(no windows) and it is cool, so they do 'not too badly'.

    1. I couldn't just go cold turkey - had to do something in the basement. I need someone to come and haul a huge bag of potting mix downstairs before I can start indoor greens, though. There are some things way to heavy for me to even try. Hope you have success with your basement babies.


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