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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Early rooting attempts

When I moved the one geranium up from the basement (12/13)  and into the front bay window, I cut off one of the side shoots and potted it up using some #1 rooting powder.

Then I looked at the stem cutting from the black and blue salvia from 12/3 and saw that after almost 2 weeks, there's nary a sign of any root action in a vial of water.

So I cut 10 more salvia stems, powdered them with #1 rooting hormone and put 5 cuts in sand and 5 cuts in potting mix.  I put them under cover, but not over heat.  We'll see how this works out.

I might put them on the furnace shelf - it's gets nice heat there, but little light.  There's always a trade off, no?

Still too early to do any REAL stuff in the basement yet.  But it's fun to putz around.


Next day - cuttings on furnace ledge.  I rigged up a light and *presto*.  Mini greenhouses.


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