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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Saving salvia & cleanup

I brought the 3 geraniums and 4 Black & Blue salvia down to the basement early in November and put them under a fluorescent fixture.

They are thriving.  So much so that I am going to have to curtail their growth.  After all, we've got 5 months to go before they see outside again.

I'm going to play around and see what propagation method will be the simplest with the best results.

To start, I've clipped off the tallest sprouts from 2 plants and have them in water.  Maybe they'll root.

I took the least looking plant (ironically the largest and bushiest of the lot when they were outside) and have put it in the crawlspace.  Low light.  Low temps.  We'll see how it makes it through 5 mos with limited resources.

As for the Geraniums?  The salmon one is about to bloom.

Go figure.


Also in the works: cleaning up the plant lab.  Every year I VOW to put things away at end of season instead of just tossing stuff down there.   I've yet to do that.

So it's cleanup time again.

You can see by the 2 top pics, it was even more disastrous than usual this year.  *woof*

Spent a couple hours sorting/ vac'ing etc. and made some headway (bottom 3 pics).  Looking good.

But full disclosure needs that I show you the rest of that room.  Lordy!  Thankfully the weather is dreadful so working in the basement isn't too bad, especially since I now have Uverse TV down there.  I'm off....

Later -- there -- ready for plant fun.

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