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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 GUL update

Not much going on in the basement plant room, although there are updates to be made.

The salvia cuttings from mid-December are off the furnace shelf.  All 5 stuck into potting mix developed roots.  None of the 5 stuck into sand survived.  Lesson learned.  

I potted up the 5 salvia sprouts (Black & Blue salvia, lest we forget).

I covered the 5 starts and put them under a florescent light without any bottom heat.  We'll see how they fare.

As for the original 4 salvia pots brought in for the winter, they are all alive.

I put 3 of them in the crawlspace where it's dim and cool.  I water these babies every now and then because even semi-dormant, these guys suck up a lot of water.

As for the 4th plant that has been living in the basement under  light, it's gotten quite large.  And doing so well that it's developed flower buds.  Good grief.  They are taking after the geraniums that have done so well and are currently in bloom.

Too big for the basement, I brought the salvia upstairs and put them in the bay window with the geraniums.  We'll see how it does with less light and very cool night-time conditions.

Finally, the onions planted in mid-December only gave me 40% germination (out of a fresh pack!).  And they are quite spindly.  Undaunted, last time I was out shopping, I succumbed to a fresh rack of seeds and took packs for red and white (the first batch are sweet yellow).

Way past futzing in nice straight lines in individual containers, I just sprinkled both halves of a larger container with one color on each side.  It's now on the furnace shelf while the sprouted container is under lights along with the salvia starts, geranium cutting and the salmon-colored geranium.  

That about it for now.  I think I'll get around soon to making up a couple of greens' containers (arugula, chard, kale, breakfast radishes).  Now that I've found some nice GF flatbreads, I'm thinking some nice wraps for lunch and for that - you needs greens.  Yum

How 'bout you?  Into it yet?  

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