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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Just 3 days later....

Been only 3 days since I sowed those 4+ flats of flower seeds - on heat, under cover, in the dark.

Good thing I checked today.  Look at all those sprouts!!!  Time to turn on the lights.  And boy howdy they needed it.

Remember I sowed those nearly microscopic 'mystery flower' seeds?  I was worried all I was planting was maybe some bug or spider droppings, they were so tiny.  But noooo!

They germinated so fast - and furious.  Look how they were leaning toward the only other light in the room.  These out to be fun.

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  1. Love the little babies. But gosh, yea, those tiny seeds are a #itch for me to sow. It's like tossing dust and hoping for the best.
    I'm doing Salvia-Victoria Blue tomorrow. I've NEVER had luck with them. Maybe 7th year is the charm??

    1. It totally amazes me that when you buy this type of flower, there is only ONE PLANT per cell! How the heck do they do that? I found this: * For small but less-than-dust-like seeds, very patient gardeners can wet the end of a toothpick, pick up a seed or two and drop them into a Jiffy pellet. Repeat endlessly. Sounds like a map to madness to me! LOL


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