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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Basement greens

The lights have been on in the basement for a few weeks.

I tried a container of onions, but the seed was old and germination was pitiful.  I just don't know how to keep onion seeds viable for a year.  They are available in March, but I want to sow them in December, but by then they just don't do well at all.  Suggestions?

I've got containers of arugula (they sprout in 2 days - almost instant gratification), swiss chard and bull's blood red beets.

Also just sprouting are some saved seeds from New England asters.

Off to the side, I'm still babying a tray of English lavender I started last Spring.  Never did find a place for them out in the gardens.  Maybe this year....

In the back 3 overwintering black'n'blue salvias and 2 geraniums (1 salmon, 1 red).

The other overwintering red geraniums are gracing the front bay window upstairs.

Still time yet to order this years seeds: tomato, cuke, peppers and suchlike to replenish my aging stash.

Otherwise, I'm enjoying the greenery upstairs with a blizzard as a backdrop.  How 'bout you?  What's up with your starts?

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  1. I was just thinking about seed starting. I do have one grow light, but I was thinking more along the lines of the hoop house, although it can freeze in there too.

    For onions, how about multiplier onions? No seed to save, just plant the biggest bulbs and they'll multiply.


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