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Friday, April 29, 2016

Overdue 2016 GUL update

I have been very very lax this year when it comes to starting things and following up on this year's seedlings in the basement.

I did start greens earlier in the year and am still enjoying the harvest of leaves from beet, collard and chard.

Sometime in March I sowed various peppers (a small sweet orange bell, hot lemon, big dipper and seeds from a delicious large red store bought sweet bell).

I also sowed the Red Robin miniature pot tomatoes, some black seeded Simpson lettuce for Mom and Italian parsley for both of us.  Then we got sick again a last week and any semblance of a regular sched went out the window.

Around the 2nd week of April I did sow the tomatoes: Bush Goliath, Mtg Lifter, a saved sauce tomato and last year's mystery salad tomato.  

Yesterday I figured if I didn't get on top of things right now, this year would be a gardening disaster. 

First thing I did was take control of the leggy peppers and tomatoes.  All got potted up.   That took more time than I planned.  Later I turned on the heat tray and filled 4 trays of annuals: 2 of French marigold, and 2 of zins (Zahara & Cut'n'Come again).  I thought I had seeds for State Fair, but nada.  Will have to pick some up.

Trying something new on germinating the annuals.  Last year I just laid plastic over the trays, but then the seedlings ran into the plastic when they popped up.  This year I've inverted empty trays over the filled trays then draped the plastic.  Now when the seeds pop, they have lots of headroom.  We'll see how this shakes out.

I've never been so disorganized starting seeds.  I've not marked down when anything was sowed, how well the seeds germinated (I remember I had to oversow the Bush Goliaths 2 weeks ago), how they progressed, etc etc.  I don't know if it was/is this crazy winter(!) weather, our couple bouts of illness, upheaval in the 'hood.  Whatever, I'm just not 'feeling' it this spring.  Ah well.

At least I'll have plants to grab should my attitude improve.  I'll keep ya posted.

PS: Sowed Thursday, up on Sunday:


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  1. I've been lax on note taking this spring as well.
    This is "supposed" to be my ULTIMATE garden year and cripes-I barely noted anything except potting up dahlias and starting a few flats.
    I know I'll survive this lack of notes but I know I will also thoroughly regret it next year!
    Ah well. Life. It gets in the way sometimes!
    Have a good one, Kris

    1. If nothing else I put up entries like this one so I can look back next year. Like this year I looked at previous years to even remind me what I should be doing. *sigh* Getting older is a b!tch. Enjoy your day, kiddo.

  2. That second to last sentence is exactly right! and then some!

    I was very late with everything and then had a pepper crop failure. I am testing the theory of the frozen peppers seeds....too late but should be interesting.

    I bought plants this week......

    1. And we're not the only ones feeling like that this season. It must be the weather. And is it me but it's just plain harder and harder to get things growing and then protecting them from the various vermin? I hope we all get some nice weather - and an attitude tuneup soon.


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