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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ooops. One more GUL item

Glanced at the calender and yikes!  Forgot I needed to start cukes.

This year: My favorite long seedless self-pollinating variety (Sweet Success), and a newbie - Manny.  Also a seedless self-pollinating variety that only gets 6" long (a "muncher" variety).  Mom will grow this in a pot.  The extra 2 are for me to try.

Since they are self-fertilized, I don't think I have to worry about cross-pollinating the Sweet Success.  Last year my Sweet Succes cukes were FULL of seeds because I'd also grown a Lemon Cuke which, it turns out, is about 98% seeds covered by a thin rind.  What bust.

Anyway, the germinator is on again, until the seeds sprout.

48 hours later -- gotta love that little germinator (well over 20 years old now).

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  1. I plant my cucs direct as well as all squash.

    There never is an end! You may even think of something else.
    Did you do your yellow crooknecks yet?

    1. Nah, I don't eat that many summer squash anymore and they really fill up with squash beetles the past couple of years. I'll just grab a couple organic ones now and then from the market.

  2. My cukes have done so-so, so I'm going to plant more seeds to fill in the gaps. I live with a long growing season, so I can get away with that!

    1. Yes, I sometimes envy you your longer growing season. But then, I'm finding I like getting out of the growing earlier (like end of September) so I can do other stuff. But cukes! Ya GOTTA have cukes! There's never TOO MANY! Salads, pickles, gifts... YUM. Hope you get lots and lots, Leigh.

  3. So much great veggie info on your blog Kris. So happy I have time again to read it as we'll be growing about 90% of our own veggies this summer. We hope.


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